Let There Be Light

You’re so cute. You’re adorable. You’re like a baby red panda. All I want to do is cuddle you, and tell you how enraptured I am by who you are.

You fascinate me. You´re silly and effervescent and joyful and bubbly, and bright. You brighten up my day, and I look forward to time spent with you around. Your smile brightens up literally the entire room. I have never found this to be so true of anyone before. It is just beautiful. I love it. I love seeing it, and I wish I could be around it all the time. I love seeing you happy, and I´d do about anything to make you feel that way.

Those high cheekbones, and your gorgeous dark eyes—with that gleam of mischief—are pretty cute too. <3 ^_^

I respect you so much. I think you´re so smart, and I love what we talk about together. I love what we share.

Most of all, you are gentle and sweet, and I feel so comfortable around you. Your sweetness really is a thing underrated. I want to let you know how special you are for it.

Even if we are being silly, I know that the core of me is not judged. That makes me feel safe in a way that I have not experienced with many people. Very few people at all, only my best friends and a few select family members.

I´m so jealous of the people who get to call you their baby. I want to have that privilege too. I see you, and I know we are the same. You’re magical, and elegant, and handsome, but most of all, you´re precious. I’d love you like that. I’d love you that way.

I want to encourage you to wake up every day expecting good. Keep your mind positive, full of joy, hope, and anticipation of all the good things God has in store for you, His beloved! Spring up from your bed, stand in front of your mirror, and boldly declare, “I am the disciple whom Jesus loves. I am the apple of His eye. Everything I do and touch shall be blessed! The Lord’s wisdom, favor, and provision flow mightily in and through me. Amen!” This is how you access the Lord’s abundant love and provision for you, and step into His rest and peace today.
- Joseph Prince

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